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New E-book: Data Science with SQL Server 2016

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(For SQL Server “fans” & Data Scientists)

 E-book: Data Science with SQL Server 2016

This FREE e-book will show you How to build models in R to analyze and forecast. You will get familiar with Microsoft R Service in SQL Server 2016.

This book is available in PDF file format on Microsoft MVA (here), or you can go here to read online and download.


New Wallpaper Demo (Part 2)

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Today I continue to show you some of my New Wallpapers that Demo on many Devices (such as Tablet, Smart TV, etc.)



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New Wallpaper Demo (Part 1)

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Today I show you some of my new Natural Wallpapers which Demo on Devices (such as Tablet, Smart TV, etc.)


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[New Tech Project] Media Online Hub

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This is my new Tech Project – for Investment. 

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[Tip] Easily Embed PDF Document in WordPress Blog

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Hi everyone,

Today, I introduce you a VERY EASY WAY to EMBED a PDF Document into a WORDPRESS.COM Blog.

Simply, you only need to have SlideShare (FREE) do that for you, with 3 steps

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Seek for a Document (PDF also)
Step 3: Hit “Share” –> Choose option “WordPress Shortcode” –> Copy & Paste that code to your WordPress Blog Post.

And, see the result like this …

Hmm … not bad, isn’t it?

Now, do your own!


SlideShare has supported Document formats such as: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office … So, let’s try and enjoy! 😀

[Re-post] WordPress HTML Text Widget

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This is another Tip for WordPress Blog Lovers.

[Re-post] SQL Server 2012 Presentation – Part 1

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This is my First Part – writing for SQL Server 2012 Enterprise ( in 2013 )

The next parts ( p.2, p.3 ) will be uploaded soon.

  • Note:

   As an Official Announcement from Microsoft, in April 1st, 2014, there will be a Primary Released for SQL Server 2014 – the next SQL Server’s generation.

However, some “core definitions” (such as: Microsoft Business Intelligence – BI, Big Data … ) are “inherited” from SQL Server 2012. So, if you are not familiar with those terms, I think you can review my SQL Server 2012 slides to have the clues.